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The American Alliance of Ethical Movers (AAEM) mission is to educate consumers about the risks involved in long distance residential moving, providing instant access to competitive quotes from a national network of pre-screened, ethical residential moving companies who have committed to operate under AAEM’s Code of Conduct and Service Pledge.

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The American Alliance of Ethical Movers (AAEM) was established to protect consumers from becoming a victim of scams during national residential moves and state-to-state moving companies. Our mission is to educate consumers on the intricacies of evaluating commercial and residential moving companies for reputable services. We provide instant access to free moving quotes from a national network of competitive, pre-screened reputable movers that have committed to operating their business under strict adherence to the AAEM’s Code of Conduct and Service Pledge.

AAEM Provides Expert Moving Coaches

AAEM customers benefit from FREE access to a professional moving coach and invaluable, unbiased advice during all residential state-to-state moves. Fill out our moving quote form above to get started with a pre-screened, ethical and certified commercial interstate mover to speak to one of our moving coaches.

Quick Tips When Choosing a State-to-State Mover

Avoid common moving scams and protect yourself and your belongings during a state-to-state move by being informed of these common national moving company traps. Learn what to look for to find a reputable mover. Learn More

For long distance national moves, rest assured the moving company you hire has verified references with guaranteed moving costs, is 100% insured, is in good standing with the local BBB and more.

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Choosing a reputable moving company for national moves has never been more important. Don’t get caught in a scam! Find out how to save time, money and headaches with these helpful facts.

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“From the coordinator to the drivers and the last box in the van, everyone was so helpful. The company’s attitude and professionalism went beyond reproach! My many, many thanks for a job well done.”
– Kathleen Bartlett, AAEM Customer