Dear AAEM,

This is the first time I have had to relocate to a different state. The thought of picking up everything I own, packing and moving was a very stressful experience. I must say, from your coordinator Kristie, down to the drivers and the last box off the van, everyone was so helpful. They were very understanding of peoples “treasures”, in addition to their feelings. Their attitude and professionalism went beyond reproach!

I work in a customer service environment as a supervisor. I would hire any of your team should they decide to change employment!

Regarding future references, I have already given your Organization’s name to our relocation supervisor to use for recommendations. We (our company) have about 30 – 40 other associates that will be relocating to Florida from the Tri-State area.

In this world of ours, we do not always appreciate others who go above and beyond their 9 – 5 hours. Each and everyone of your team worked above and beyond all expectations. They did this cheerfully and professionally and my hat goes off to all. Kristie, packers, the driver and the helpers to off load. My many many thanks for a job well done.

Kathleen Bartlett

Hi Doug,
I am a minister and, as such, move from time to time, when a new assignment comes along. I chose the search term “ethical movers” because many of my colleagues have had horror stories to tell about their moving experiences. I wondered if there were “ethical guidelines” meaning ways to investigate the reputable companies to use — that’s how I found you. I have been very satisfied with your service and have told all my colleagues about you.

Roger Peltier
Cranston, RI

I have had terrible experiences in the past with moving companies. This time I decided to choose a moving company based on credibility and ethics. AAEM helped me find the perfect moving company for my needs. My move went flawlessly.

Chicago, IL

When I accepted a job across the country, moving was the least of my worries. After speaking with various moving companies, I began to worry more and more about hidden fees and costs. I found a moving company through AAEM that gave me an exact price for my move. This allowed me to not go over budget at a time when life became very expensive. My move was perfect and my bank account is intact. Thanks AAEM!

San Francisco, CA

Our family purchased a new home while selling our old home. We had to make sure that a moving company could deliver on their promise to move us on a specific date. One day late and we would have been in trouble for our closing. AAEM found us a fantastic mover that gave us a great deal. Our move was on time, with great customer service. We also got a great deal. Thanks again AAEM.

Anne Shepherd
Eureka Springs, AR

I liked having a Moving Coach who would suggest trustworthy movers and advise on making a choice among them. It took a lot of the stress out of moving … I was completely satisfied with the experience

Barbara Rintala
Warren, OH

You made the move “Comfortable” – you took the fear and discomfort out of the experience. Everything went so smoothly!

Ira Gang
Highland Park, NJ

The quote you provided was not the lowest (which would have raised my suspicions anyway) … you then provided us with excellent service and communications. Follow-up was also excellent.

Earl Rice
Bowling Green, KY

Dear Mr. Presson: I just read, too late, your most helpful article “How to choose the right moving company.” I wish I had known of it and your fine organization. Perhaps you can help. We are currently virtual prisoners in a hotel waiting to resolve a mess with an “unethical” moving company. While they keep our life’s belongings in an unknown storage facility, we are forced to deal with Interstate Wire Fraud (as we’re moving from MN to NJ), Insurance Fraud & Demands for Cash totaling twice the written quote. Please advise on how we might resolve this problem and find an ethical member of your fraternity to rescue our possessions and move them for terms within shouting distance of their estimate.

Earl Rice
Bowling Green, KY

It was much smoother than my previous moves and I felt that if there was a problem, I had a knowledgeable advocate to back me up with the movers.

Sarasota, FL

You folks provided a smooth and easy move for me – an unprecedented experience! Thank You.

Deb Shelly
San Antonio, TX

Your movers were great – courteous and professional. They covered all of our mattresses and couches. They did everything right.

Armand Tougas
Durham, NC

Great coaching, timing and movers – all excellent

Phil Love
Richardson, TX

Everything was handled well and it didn’t cost us any extra money.

Andrew Estes
Westerville, OH