Common Scams that Un-Ethical Moving Companies often employ to Separate Unaware Consumers from their Ca$h…

“Guaranteed Moving Quotes”

You did it right…you had the moving company come to your home and do a physical inventory (survey) of all your household goods (that you will be moving), and the moving company provided you with a “guaranteed moving quote” also called a “binding estimate” or “flat rate.”  You are told that you will pay no more than the quoted amount, and you could actually pay less if the estimate was too high.   So, you have nothing to worry about, right?  WRONG!

What if the estimate is too low?  Answer:  YOU PAY MORE!  Maybe a lot more.

Here’s how it works.  The moving company estimator comes to your home for an “in-home visual estimate,” takes an inventory of your household goods, and gives you a “guaranteed moving quote.”  No problem, right?  But what happens when the estimator accidentally misses listing some of your belongings on the quote?  What happens is the moving quote becomes void, and you end up negotiating with the moving company for a new estimate on moving day.

To protect yourself from this very clever and common scam, carefully scrutinize the inventory that the estimator uses to determine your moving estimate, and make sure nothing is omitted.  Attics, basements and garages are common sources for this deceitful practice.