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Ira Gang
Highland Park, NJ

Moving is the third most stressful event in a person’s life. Only divorce and a death in the family cause greater anxiety than moving. The hundreds of rogue commercial and residential national movers operating in North America only reinforce this fact. These criminal enterprises have the opportunity to exploit unsuspecting victims in their most vulnerable state, especially when moving state to state or nationally.

free moving quotes from a national network of competitive, pre-screened reputable movers that have committed to operating their business under strict adherence to the AAEM’s Code of Conduct and Service Pledge.

To ensure ongoing compliance to the ethical principals that the AAEM has instituted, we conduct routine quality assurance audits of our member movers. Learn about other benefits of choosing AAEM.

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Why Trust AAEM for National Movers?

► AAEM Movers Are Pre-Screened

AAEM has pre-screened all moving companies within our national network to ensure they are reputable and abide by our Code of Conduct & Service Pledge.

► AAEM Movers Are Members, In Good Standing, of Local BBB

Our residential, national moving companies are part of their local Better Business Bureau, with a history of outstanding service. No rogue movers allowed.

► AAEM Provides Expert Moving Coaches

AAEM customers benefit from FREE Access to a Professional Moving Coach and invaluable advice during all residential national moves.

► Our Ethical Movers Offer Guaranteed Not-to-Exceed Prices

Every national and long distance mover in our network gives guaranteed prices, protecting consumers from hidden fees and costs.

► Our Ethical Movers Are 100% Insured

Each moving company is 100% insured to protect consumers and their valuables.

► Ethical Movers Are Routinely Audited to Ensure Ongoing Compliance

To ensure the ethical principals that AAEM has instituted are maintained, we conduct routine quality assurance audits of our residential, national and long distance movers.

National moving is stressful! Get peace-of-mind knowing the residential moving company you hire can guarantee moving costs, is 100% insured, can supply verified references and more.

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Choosing a reputable moving company for national moves has never been more important. Don’t get caught in a scam! Find out how to save time, money and headaches with these helpful facts.

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Move safely with confidence: each certified ethical moving professional is committed to strict adherence to the standards set forth in our Code of Conduct & Service Pledge.

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